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 CELEBRATION: Tamworth Powerstation Museum steam engine driver Steve Bailey and Tamworth Regional Council cultural collections officer Naomi Blakey. Photo: Gareth Gardner 291020GGG03

NDL: Madeline Link – 5 Nov 2020

Tamworth things to do: Tamworth Powerstation Museum family fun day event to commemorate first city of light

THE FLICK of the switch that made Tamworth the First City of Light at least 130 years ago will be celebrated with an electric event.

Tamworth’s Powerstation Museum will hold a free, family-friendly event to commemorate the anniversary of the historic milestone, Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) cultural collections officer Namoi Blakey said.

“The fact that Tamworth is the first city in the southern hemisphere to have municipal street lights and the story the museum tells makes it important to the council to hold this event,” she said.

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Tamworth Dramatic Society takes centre stage on story telling

NDL: Jacob McArthur – 11 Nov 2018

TAMWORTH is more than a stage and launching pad for country music and it’s a message being beamed through an amalgam of new technology and old-fashioned story-telling.

This weekend marked 130 years since electric street lights were switched on in Tamworth and the city became the southern hemisphere’s electrically lit in the process.

While it’s a shining claim to fame, the achievement is often outshone.

This year, the Tamworth Dramatic Society took centre stage with a devised piece about story of electric lighting and Tamworth.

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How Tamworth beat the big smoke and became the first city of light

Eleri Mai Harris, based on Professor Genevieve Bell’s Boyer Lectures – October 21, 2017

The first city in Australia to use electric street lights wasn’t Sydney or Melbourne — it was Tamworth. And it all unfolded in a very Aussie kind of way.

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Powerstation Plan Adopted

Madeline Lewis – June 15, 2016

A strategic plan has been adopted by council for the Tamworth Power Station Museum.

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Powerstation volunteers receive host of bouquets

NDL: Jamieson Murphy – 15 Jun 2016, 9 p.m.

TAMWORTH Regional councillors have paid tribute to the “superb” volunteers at the Powerstation Museum in approving a strategic plan to secure its future.

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Tamworth powers on

NDL – 25 April 2016

TAMWORTH was once again the City of Light on Friday, as the Powerstation Museum lit up the night with an artwork inspired by the city’s original street lighting plan.

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Vintage love resurrects the past

Kelly Fuller, ABC Radio, 7 December 2015

A love of all things vintage has inspired a push to bring a new audience and new life to an important Australian museum.

Tamworth Powerstation Museum to fire up historic steam engines

NDL – 21 Jan 2016

THINGS are heating up at the Tamworth Powerstation Museum where locals and visitors can see two stationary, historic steam engines all revved-up, with nowhere to go.