Steam Engines

People are surprised how quietly the steam engines run. You can experience the power being generated, feel the heat from the boiler and smell the burning wood mixed with the wisps of escaping steam. 

The collection includes:

  • A restored John Fowler boiler of the same type used in 1888
  • Two restored Fowler cross compound under type steam engines similar to those used in 1888
  • Two recreated Crompton No. 15 Dynamos that generate a 230 Volt direct current supply identical to the supply provided in 1888
  • A 1924 vintage Mort’s Dock boiler that is certified for live steam opeation and is fired up on special occasions to provide steam for the museums three steam engines
  • A fully restored Belliss and Morcom engine across the alleyway in the 1907 engine room. This was similar to the set up that provided the first private electricity supply in Tamworth

To find out more about the steam engines in our collection search the Online Catalogue.