School Tours

Photos of appliances with model Kate Armstrong

School Group Bookings welcome by appointment. Museum Volunteers are available to provide a guided tour.
Please note that the School Risk Assessments were made prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers will need to review against current COVID restrictions.

Students: $2

Provisional Risk Assessment for School Groups


PSM_SchoolRiskAssessment (Pdf)


PSM_SchoolRiskAssessment (Word)

Tamworth Powerstation Museum Education Kit K-6

Sparking Curiosity and Wonder: A K-6 Visit Experience and Education Kit won a 2017 Museums & Galleries NSW IMAGINE Award.

The K-6 Education Kit that links pre-visit, visit and post-visit activities to syllabus outcomes in Science and History. Download the interactive pdf here: TPSM Education Kit K-6
For a copy of the Visit Experience brochure please contact the Powerstation Museum.