Let our volunteers show you around

Ian Hobbs, Ken Russell, Ron Greer and Anna Gregory

The Museum always gets great feedback about our volunteers. They are passionate about Tamworth’s electrical history and many were even involved in setting up the museum in 1988.

Visitors to the museum enjoy being taken around by our volunteer guides and for those of you who can’t make it to the museum the following videos give you a quick glimpse of just how knowledgable and engaging they are!

Celebrate Tamworth as the first ‘City of Light’ – when this municipality became the first in the Southern Hemisphere to have electric street lighting. Tamworth Powerstation volunteers Naomi Blakey and Ron Greer welcome you to the museum and this significant story.
While the lights went on in 1888 the Tamworth Powerstation Museum opened in 1988. Hear Ron Greer tell the story of this second Council undertaking.
Discover more about the history and science of electricity with Anna Gregory and volunteer Ron Greer.
Electricity in the home changed people’s lives. Find out more with Tamworth Powerstation Museum volunteers Ron Greer, Ken Russell and Naomi Blakey.
Visit the Gallery Room of the Tamworth Powerstation Museum with volunteers Ian Hobbs and Ken Russell.