Kettles and Jugs

What is the difference between a kettle and a jug? Kettles have a heating element that is kept separate from the water being boiled, which means that they can be made of materials like metal that conduct electricity. However, with jugs the water is electrified by a bare element immersed in the water which explains why they had to be made out of non-conducting materials such as porcelain. Electric jugs were only ever made in Australia and New Zealand.

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Ceramic bodied bare-element electric jugs were made in Australia, and New Zealand from the early 1920s and were still available until well into the 1970s. Unlike electric kettles, while the water in a jug is being heated the water is electrified by the bare element. These jugs employ a variety of locking systems so that when the element is active the jug can’t be opened and it is difficult to pour the water.