Digitising the Collection

The cataloguing and digitising of this substantial and important collection has been a long term project and will continue to be so. Many systems have been implemented over the years – there are index cards, orange dot numbers and green dot numbers, paper tags, appliance lists, significance assessments, a variety of donation forms and odd hand written notes. This project has brought together all this information to put it online and in a searchable format.

It also digitises the enormous amount of research, writing, knowledge and photographic records put together by the museum volunteers: especially R.W.Greer, Ken Russell and Ian Hobbs.

To find out more about individual items in the collection you can also search our online catalogue here – and use the QR codes in the Museum. To find out more about QR codes see http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/

Come back soon for audio-visual guided tours, oral history and educational material!

This digitising and cataloguing project was initiated by former Museum Director Sandra McMahon and consultant Miranda Heckenberg and made possible by grants from Transgrid and Essential Energy.

Interim Director Pam Brown, Education Officer Kathryn Armstrong and Museum and Gallery Officer Eloise Newall added invaluable support to this project. Kate Kennedy designed the website and the new Museum Director Bridget Guthrie has championed the project to its launch.

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